Silica Fume for Shotcrete Works

Silica Fume for Shotcrete

  • The high resistivity and low permeability of micro silica fume powder shotcrete in the project reduce the corrosion of chloride on reinforcement and wire mesh, reduce the amount of rebound of dry-mixed shotcrete, reduce the permeability, improve the durability of freeze-thaw, and also improve the early and late flexural and compressive strengths, improving the economic efficiency of the material.
  • The single-layer shotcrete thickness on the top and vertical surfaces can be increased without the use of set promoters, thus improving productivity.
  • In repairing piles and berms in tidal areas. Improves cohesion and thus resists scouring.
  • Reduced permeability and improved freeze-thaw durability (note that wet-mix shotcrete must be properly aerated).
  • Early and late flexural and compressive strengths are increased.
  • Enhanced resistance to chloride. Nitrate. Sulfate, acid and alkali aggregate reaction and other chemical erosion resistance.
  • High resistivity and low permeability of microsilica powder shotcrete in the project, reducing the chloride corrosion of reinforcing steel and wire mesh.

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