92% Densified Silica Fume


92% Densified Silica Fume



92% Densified Silica Fume is a micro silica fume with 92% SIO₂ content, and the Bulk density is 240-320kg/m³.

Densified Silica Fume is to improve the density of micro-silica fume in order to reduce the transportation cost and improve the use performance. The densified process used nowadays is to use the airflow formed by compressed air to prompt the micro-silica fume in the container to collide with each other and rely on its own aggregation and adsorption to exclude the surface gas, thus forming multiple small particles with increased capacity to achieve the purpose of densified.


In the application of high-strength, high abrasion resistance, underwater casting of anti-scattering concrete, etc., the amount of silica fume admixture should not be too low usually accounting for 5%-10% of the cementitious material.

Use Ewende 92% Densified Silica Fume preparation of high-strength, early-strength concrete should be used with high-efficiency water reducing agent, with high-strength concrete should be selected with low air-entraining high-efficiency water reducing agent, depending on the situation can add defoamer.

In ordinary strength, impermeable, highly durable or self-compacting concrete applications, it is appropriate to use a multi-component cementitious material with low silica fume admixture, usually accounting for 2%-5% of the cementitious material.

The addition of 92% Densified Silica Fume needs to extend the mixing time, can not be mixed in wet concrete after mixing, it is recommended to extend the mixing time of 30 seconds than ordinary concrete to ensure uniform mixing.

Plastic shrinkage crack sensitive, better maintenance method is: spray concrete has not yet set, spraying curing agent maintenance; concrete hardening, the use of maintenance film, covered with wet sacks or plastic film.

92% Densified Silica Fume Parameters

Silica Fume for Sale
National Standards and OrganizationsEuropeNorwayFranceAustraliaUnited StatesCanadaJapanChina
Standard Number132633045P18-50235861240A23.5A62071873627690
SiO2 %   ≥858585858585858585
SO3  %   <2 2.53 13  
CI- %   <0.3Report0.2Report
CaO  %   <12    1  
MgO  %   <      5  
Si %  <0.4     0.4  
Na2O+K2O     %  <  4     1.5
C    %   <  4      
Water Content   %   <   23 333
Burn Vector   %   <45 666564
Specific Surface Area ㎡/g15-35≥1220-35   ≥15≥15≥15
45μm Sieve Residue  %   <    1010 5 
Loose capacity   kg/m³   ReportReport    
Specific Gravity g/㎝³  2.1-2.3   Report  
Water Demand Ratio     %   ≤       125125
Volcanic Ash Activity Index%(3d)  ≥         
%(7d)  ≥   Report105858595105
%(28d) ≥10095    100115 
Water to Glue Ratio0.50.5  0.484
ConservationStandardStandard  AcceleratedAcceleratedStandardStandardAccelerated

92% Densified Silica Fume Application

92% Densified Silica Fume VS 92% Undensified Silica Fume


92% Densified Silica Fume

92% Undensified Silica Fume

Physical Form




Highly densified

Not densified

Bulk Density



Handling and Storage

More convenient

Can be more challenging

92% Densified Silica Fume Packaging

Ewende has been a global supplier of high-quality silica fumes since 2019. We have established long-term and stable cooperation with many concrete construction companies around the world to provide our customers with high-quality silica fumes with different contents and different uses, fully satisfying all kinds of concrete project needs.

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