silica fume for PHC
silica fume for PHC Pipe

Silica Fume for PHC Pipe

Prestressed High-Performance Concrete (PHC) pipes are vital components in modern infrastructure, serving essential roles in water distribution, sewage systems, and drainage networks. As the demand for durable and resilient pipe systems continues to rise, integrating silica fume presents a promising solution to enhance the performance and longevity of PHC pipes.

By adding micro silica fume, optimizing concrete mix ratio, temperature control and other technical means, the PHC pipe pile can be realized without high-pressure steam curing and energy-saving technology, which not only simplifies the process, but also greatly reduces coal and electricity consumption, and also reduces carbon dioxide emission.

PHC pipe piles are mainly used in real estate construction, road construction, railway construction, port wharf construction, airport construction and water engineering construction and other fields.


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Undensified Micro Silica Fume Grade: 85U90U92U, 94U95U96U99.9U
Densified Micro Silica Fume Grade: 85U90U92U, 94U95U

Advantages of Adding Silica Powder to PHC Pipes

When incorporated into PHC pipe formulations, silica fume offers several key benefits:

  1. Improved Strength and Durability: Silica fume enhances the compressive strength and durability of PHC pipes, making them better equipped to withstand the rigors of underground installations and environmental exposure. The dense microstructure formed by silica fume particles fills the voids and strengthens the cement matrix, resulting in pipes that are less prone to cracking, spalling, and deterioration over time.

  2. Enhanced Resistance to Corrosion: PHC pipes are often exposed to aggressive environments, including corrosive soils and chemical-laden wastewater. Silica fume imparts excellent resistance to corrosion, protecting the steel reinforcement within the pipes from degradation and extending their service life. By reducing the permeability of concrete, silica fume helps mitigate the ingress of harmful substances and prevents corrosion-induced damage.

  3. Reduced Permeability and Leakage: Silica fume improves the impermeability of PHC pipes, minimizing water infiltration and leakage. The dense and compact microstructure formed by silica fume particles effectively blocks the passage of water and other fluids through the concrete matrix, ensuring the integrity and functionality of the pipe system. This property is particularly advantageous for water distribution and sewage applications, where leakage can lead to costly repairs and environmental contamination.

  4. Enhanced Workability and Pumpability: Despite its high reactivity, silica fume can improve the workability and pumpability of PHC pipe mixtures, facilitating construction operations and ensuring uniform placement of concrete. By reducing the water-to-cement ratio and improving particle dispersion, silica fume enhances the flowability and cohesiveness of concrete mixtures, resulting in smoother casting and better consolidation of pipes.

  5. Environmental Sustainability: Incorporating silica fume into PHC pipe formulations aligns with sustainability goals by maximizing the utilization of industrial byproducts and reducing the environmental footprint of concrete production. By optimizing the use of cementitious materials and enhancing the durability of pipes, silica fume contributes to resource conservation, energy efficiency, and overall sustainability of infrastructure projects.

Ewende emerges as a professional custom silica powder manufacturer, supplier, factory, and exporter in China, dedicated to providing densified and undensified silica powder in various specifications tailored to meet specific project requirements. Leveraging our expertise and advanced manufacturing capabilities, we offer high-quality silica powder solutions that enhance the performance and durability of PHC pipes. Contact us today to discuss your silica powder needs and explore how Ewende can contribute to the success of your infrastructure projects.

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