Silica Fume for Permeable Concrete

Silica Fume for Permeable Concrete

Permeable concrete is a kind of concrete developed and used to allow rainwater to flow into the ground, effectively replenish groundwater, alleviate the sharp drop in the city’s groundwater level and other urban environmental problems in view of the defects of the pavement of the original urban road. And can effectively eliminate the harm of environmental pollution such as oil compounds on the ground; At the same time, it is an excellent paving material for protecting groundwater, maintaining ecological balance, and alleviating the urban heat island effect. It plays an indispensable and important role in the process of vigorously developing “sponge cities” in the country.

Permeable concrete has been restricting its strength due to poor quality of cemented interface, and adding a certain amount of microsilica fume can significantly improve the quality of its cementation interface, thereby improving the compressive strength of permeable concrete. Because the density of microsilica powder is smaller than that of cement, after the mass replaces cement, the volume of cementitious material increases, filling a large number of pores, and microsilica powder contains a large amount of amorphous active silica, which can react with calcium hydroxide generated by cement hydration to generate hydrated calcium silicate gel, that is, secondary hydration, thereby strengthening the adhesion between aggregate and slurry.

Pervious concrete is not mixed with fine sand, porosity is large, a small change in the water-cement ratio of the blank sample can cause a large change in the flow of the mixture, the water-cement ratio is difficult to control, mixed with microsilica powder can significantly improve the workability of permeable concrete fresh mix.

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