Silica Fume Applications

What Are the Main Applications of Micro Silica Fume?

The characteristics of micro silica fume are mainly manifested in two aspects: pozzolanic activity and micro-granularity. Therefore, silica fume is mostly used as filler and modified admixture.

♦ Used in high performance concrete to increase concrete strength, improve performance and prolong concrete life

♦ Used in refractory materials to enhance fluidity, reduce water consumption, and improve product strength and durability

♦ Used for dry mortar and grouting material to improve early strength

♦ For wear-resistant floors, increase fluidity and improve wear resistance

♦ Used as filler for paint, coating, resin, rubber and other polymer materials

Other Applications of Micro Silica Fume?

♦ Applied in cement industry This kind of material is similar to concrete additive. At present, some countries are developing the application in this area, and developing various kinds of mixed cement, the quality is better than ordinary cement.

♦ As an anti-caking agent for fertilizers

♦ As raw material for silicate bricks

♦ Use silica dust to prepare polymer products based on resin and other high molecular organic compounds, and use it as a substitute for black, white carbon black, talc, asbestos, aerosols, etc., as additive materials

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(1). Silica Fume Used In Concrete

● Increasing strength
● Increasing density
● Frost resistance
● Early strength
● Abrasion resistance performance, anti-cavitations

(2). Silica Fume Used In Cement

● Strengthens the fibre cement product.
● Increases the packing density of the cement matrix.
● Thereby enhance the durability of the fibre cement product.
● Enhances the plasticity of the fresh mix.
● Increases the bending strength of fibre reinforced cement

(3). Silica Fume Used In Refractory

● Instead of aluminum oxide to be used as refractory material
● As additive in amorphous and shappely refractory products, greatly improved products strength and high temperature performance.
● As casting combination accelerators in integral teeming ladle
● Agglomerating agent, agglutinant, accelerator and additive in other refractory products.

(4). Other Applications For Silica Fume

● Rubber industry
● Anti-caking industry
● Pellet binder
● Waterglass industry
● Shotcrete
● Self-Compacting Concrete
● Mining & Tunnelling.
● High rise buildings.
● For producing all concrete products including readymix concrete.
● Motorways, bridges & dams etc

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