94% Densified Silica Fume


94% Densified Silica Fume



  • 94% Densified Silica Fume is a micro silica fume with 94% SIO₂ content, and the Bulk density is 240-320kg/m³.
  • 94% Densified Silica Fume ( Microsilica 94D) is a type of silica fume that has been processed to increase its bulk density. This makes it easier to handle and transport, and can also improve its performance in concrete.
  • 94% Densified Silica Fume, is a byproduct of the production of silicon and ferrosilicon alloys. It is a highly reactive pozzolan with a high silica content of over 94% and a bulk density of around 550-700 kg/m3. The specific surface area of 94% Densified Silica Fume is very high, ranging from 15,000 to 30,000 m2/kg, making it an ideal supplementary cementitious material for enhancing the strength, durability, and workability of concrete.
  • Technical indicators:


     Standard Value

    Silicon Dioxide(SiO2)


    Loss on Ignition(L.O.I)


    Moisture Content(H2O)


    Percent Retained On 45μm(325 sieve)


    Bulk Density


94% Densified Silica Fume Features

  • Low concrete permeability.
  • Significantly increases concrete durability.
  • Increases ultimate strength gain.
  • Beneficial in all types of high-strength concrete applications.
  • Improves bond strength to steel.
  • Significantly reduces alkali-silica reactivity.
  • Provides excellent resistance to sulfate or seawater attack.
  • Reduces steel corrosion.
  • Improves freeze/ thaw durability of concrete.

94% Densified Silica Fume Parameters

National Standards for Silica Fume for Concrete
National Standards and OrganizationsEuropeNorwayFranceAustraliaUnited StatesCanadaJapanChina
Standard Number132633045P18-50235861240A23.5A62071873627690
SiO2 %   ≥858585858585858585
SO3  %   <2 2.53 13  
CI- %   <0.3Report0.2Report
CaO  %   <12    1  
MgO  %   <      5  
Si %  <0.4     0.4  
Na2O+K2O     %  <  4     1.5
C    %   <  4      
Water Content   %   <   23 333
Burn Vector   %   <45 666564
Specific Surface Area ㎡/g15-35≥1220-35   ≥15≥15≥15
45μm Sieve Residue  %   <    1010 5 
Loose capacity   kg/m³   ReportReport    
Specific Gravity g/㎝³  2.1-2.3   Report  
Water Demand Ratio     %   ≤       125125
Volcanic Ash Activity Index%(3d)  ≥         
%(7d)  ≥   Report105858595105
%(28d) ≥10095    100115 
Water to Glue Ratio0.50.5  0.484
ConservationStandardStandard  AcceleratedAcceleratedStandardStandardAccelerated

94% Densified Silica Fume Application

Ewende is one of the leading silica fume manufacturers in China, we provide 85%-99% densified silica fume and undensified silica fume powder to our customers, good silica fume could help you make perfect products and improve your business ROI, contact us for a good microsilica price silica fume price & advice.

94% Densified Silica Fume Packaging

Ewende New Material is a leading provider of Silica Fume and Abrasives in China, and also the premium source of high-performance Products for concrete and abrasives industries. We can also produce according to your requirement.

Quality Control

Ewende Silica Fume has a full set Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certificate. As well as CNAS, IAF certification.

♦ The chemical composition and physical properties are regularly tested in accordance with international standards.

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