silica fume for ceramics
Silica Fume for Ceramics

Silica Fume for Ceramics

Use micro silica fume  powder in high-grade high-performance low-cement refractory casting materials and prefabricated parts, the service life is three times that of ordinary castables, refractoriness increased by about 100℃, high-temperature strength and thermal shock resistance are significantly improved, has been commonly used in coke ovens, iron making, steel making, non-ferrous metals, glass and ceramics industry.

Properties of Silica Fume

◊ High Surface Area: Silica fume particles have a large surface area, which enhances their reactivity.
◊ Pozzolanic Activity: The high pozzolanic activity of silica fume improves the material properties of ceramics by reacting with calcium hydroxide to form additional calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H), which enhances strength and durability.
◊ Fine Particle Size: The extremely fine particle size of silica fume allows it to fill the voids between larger particles, leading to a denser and less permeable ceramic matrix.
◊ High Silica Content: Silica fume contains about 85-95% silicon dioxide (SiO2), which contributes to the structural integrity and stability of ceramic products.


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Applications in Ceramics

♦ Reinforcement: Adding silica fume to ceramic formulations can significantly enhance the mechanical properties of the final product. It improves compressive and flexural strength, which is essential for both structural and decorative ceramics.
♦ Improved Density: The fine particles of silica fume fill the gaps between other raw materials in the ceramic mixture, resulting in a denser, less porous, and more durable product.
♦ Thermal Stability: Ceramics with silica fume have better thermal stability and resistance to thermal shock, making them suitable for applications that involve high temperatures or rapid temperature changes.
♦ Enhanced Durability: Silica fume increases the resistance of ceramics to chemical attacks and abrasion, which is particularly beneficial for industrial ceramics exposed to harsh environments.



Specific Uses

♦ High-Performance Refractories: Silica fume is used in the production of high-performance refractory materials, which are essential for lining furnaces, kilns, and other high-temperature processing equipment.
♦ Advanced Ceramics: In advanced ceramics, which are used in electronic, aerospace, and biomedical applications, silica fume can improve performance characteristics such as hardness, wear resistance, and dielectric properties.
♦ Glazes and Coatings: Silica fume can be used in ceramic glazes and coatings to improve their bonding strength, surface finish, and resistance to cracking.


Advantages of Using Silica Fume in Ceramics

♦ Strength and Durability: Enhanced mechanical properties lead to longer-lasting ceramic products.
♦ Dimensional Stability: Reduced shrinkage and better dimensional control during the firing process.
♦ Cost Efficiency: Improved material performance can lead to cost savings in production and maintenance.
♦ Environmental Benefits: Utilizing silica fume, a byproduct, helps in waste minimization and promotes sustainable manufacturing practices.

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silica fume powder

Silica fume is a valuable additive in the ceramics industry due to its ability to significantly improve the mechanical, thermal, and durability properties of ceramic products. Its unique characteristics, such as fine particle size and high silica content, make it an essential component in the formulation of high-performance ceramics. Whether for structural applications, advanced technical ceramics, or aesthetic finishes, silica fume provides substantial benefits that enhance the overall quality and functionality of ceramic materials.