silica fume raw concrete
silica fume for raw concrete

Silica Fume for Raw Concrete

Concrete containing cement, in a fluid state called “slurry”, produces hydration that absorbs water and hardens to maintain its strength, and finally forms the “structure” of the building. The places and construction methods for this series of functions can be roughly divided into three types:

Cast-in-place concrete: performed on the final parts of the building (columns, walls, floors, etc.)

PC (Precast Concrete): The above-mentioned hardening process is carried out in factories and other places, and the main body of the building is fixed with metal parts at the construction site.
in between.

Mix some of 1 and 2 together and use the strengths of both.

Silica fume can improve the performance of concrete mixture, reduce air bubbles on the surface of concrete, improve the strength of concrete surface, make the surface of concrete smooth, inhibit the carbonation of concrete, resist the erosion of harmful external media, and help improve the durability of concrete.

When mixing fair-faced concrete, high-efficiency water reducers with low air-entraining components and moderate retardation should be selected, with a water reducing rate of >20% and an air content of <1.7%.

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