silica fume for oilfield
Silica Fume for Oilfield

Silica Fume for Oil Well Cement

Micro silica fume is a new type of concrete admixture. The main component is siO2, the average particle size is 0.1μm, which is 1% of cement, and the color is light gray to carbon black. It has pozzolanic reaction characteristics, can be hydrated to form silica-rich gel, and its strength is higher than that of calcium hydroxide crystals. Working together with cement hydration gel C-S-H, it is a highly active hydraulic cementitious material, and its inclusion can greatly improve the physical performance indicators of concrete. Highly active silica fume is an ideal admixture for bridges, dam concrete, high wear-resistant, high-impact concrete, sprayed concrete, etc.


In recent years, micro-silica fume has gradually been widely used in major oil fields. Especially in oil field cementing, due to the use of micro silica fume, the high temperature strength decay resistance of the mud solidification body is improved. It is widely used in high temperature deep wells, geothermal wells and thermal recovery wells. The general usage is 8%-15%.

Micro silica powder added to oilfield cement can improve the thermal stability of oilfield cement and change the C/S ratio of cement, so that the composition and structure of hydration products of cement are changed, and with different addition and ambient temperature, a series of hydration products with good stability, high strength and low permeability can be obtained.

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