Silica fume for hydropower station
Silica Fume for Hydropower

Silica Fume for Hydropower

Due to the special properties of micro-silica powder, it can be applied in water conservancy and hydropower projects and provide higher resistance to wear and tear, corrosion resistance, and enhance the water permeability of the project. It saves the project cost and largely extends the service life of the project.

Concrete mixed with silica fume is mainly used in water cushions, ponds, flood discharge tunnels and other parts. As an auxiliary cementitious material, microsilica fume can significantly improve the strength of cement stone in the concrete matrix, and at the same time greatly improve the relationship between cement stone and aggregate. between the bond strength.

For example, the Three Gorges section of the Yangtze River on the Gezhouba water conservancy hub, which began construction in May 1971, in the project materials used to add micro-silica powder concrete, is now a large low-head, high-flow, run-of-river hydropower plant in the world.

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