What Is The Role of Micro-Silica Fume Powder for External Wall Insulation Board

Mixing Method.


Silica fume concrete and casting material should be made by the test room construction ratio. Strictly in accordance with the ratio of construction. In the mixing of silica fume concrete silica fume should be added to the mixer immediately after the aggregate feeding. There are two procedures for adding.

(1) Into the aggregate, followed by silica fume, cement dry mix, and then add water and other additives.
(2) Put in coarse aggregate 75% water Silica fume 50% fine aggregate, mix for 15-30 seconds, then put in cement Additive 50% fine aggregate 25% water, mix until uniform. Mixing time is 20-25% or 50-60 seconds longer than ordinary concrete. Never add silica fume into the already mixed concrete.



Construction Method.

Silica fume concrete and ordinary concrete construction methods are not significantly different, but good organization and vibrating dense in construction is necessary. Silica fume concrete early strength performance will make the final setting time ahead of time, should be noted when plastering; at the same time, the addition of silica fume will improve the viscosity of concrete and significantly reduce water secretion, making plastering slightly difficult.


Construction Safety.

Silica fume concrete construction safety should be strictly in accordance with the relevant national construction specifications for concrete projects, but because silica fume is light, it is strictly forbidden to throw materials from height to prevent silica fume from flying.

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