Silica Fume Products and Market Updates

Conventional Silica Fume Powder:

It is produced by ferroalloys when smelting ferrosilicon and industrial silicon (silicon metal), and a large amount of highly volatile SiO2 and Si gas is produced in the mineral-heated electric furnace, which is rapidly oxidized and precipitated with air after the gas is discharged. It is a by-product of large industrial smelting, and the whole process needs to be recovered by dust removal and environmental protection equipment, and because the mass is relatively light, it also needs to be encrypted by encryption equipment. The density can be increased to 220-700kg/m³.



The role of conventional silica fume powder.

1. Physical role, i.e. particle filling role. Silica fume particle size is one percent of the size of cement particles, just as sand fills in the gap between stones, cement fills in the gap between sand, silica fume particles can fill in the gap between cement particles, making the cement paste more compact, reducing the permeability of cement stone, improving the strength of cement stone, while improving the compactness of the interface between cement stone and aggregate, and improving the bond strength of the interface between aggregate and cement stone.

2. Chemical effect, the main component of silica fume is glassy silica, which has high chemical reaction activity at room temperature. Silica fume can react with calcium hydroxide produced by cement hydration (i.e. volcanic ash reaction or secondary hydration reaction) to produce calcium silicate gel. The structure of calcium hydroxide produced by cement hydration is loose and porous, which is unfavorable to concrete strength, permeability, and chemical corrosion resistance. Silica fume can convert calcium hydroxide into calcium silicate gel, so it can not only improve concrete strength but also improve concrete permeability resistance and durability.

Ultra-fine Silica Fume Powder:

In ferroalloys in the smelting of ferrosilicon and industrial silicon (silicon metal), a large amount of volatile SiO2 and Si gas is produced in the ore-heating electric furnace, and the gas is discharged and rapidly oxidized with air to condense and precipitate, which is recovered through the use of dust removal and environmental protection equipment, and then processed and manufactured twice to change its physical properties again to make it finer.

The difference between ultra-fine silica fume powder and conventional silica fume powder.

Silica fume powder is produced by ferro-alloys during the smelting of ferrosilicon and industrial silicon (silicon metal), and a large amount of highly volatile SiO2 and Si gas is produced in the mineral-heated electric furnace. The use of silica fume is to solve the problem of environmental pollution, but often the dense and high quality of the silica fume powder collected by the dust removal and environmental protection equipment is light and can cause dust pollution, so nearly all silica fume powder companies are forced to encrypt the silica fume powder. Encryption treatment will make the silica fume powder in the main body of the role played by a major discount. For example, the fineness of the common silica fume powder on the market is mostly about 300 mesh. The silica fume powder is lighter and more viscous, so the encryption cannot be decrypted at the construction site, nor can it be finely ground again.

Sichuan Ewende New Material’s silica fume powder products ultra-fine silica fume powder completely solve this problem, our ultra-fine silica fume powder fineness can be controlled in 325 mesh-4000 mesh and can be adjusted according to customer use specifications fineness. The new ultra-fine silica fume powder considers environmental protection at the early stage of production, which makes the silica fume powder more environmentally friendly while refining the product. Ultra-fine silica fume powder can fill the voids that cannot be filled by traditional silica fume powder, improve the strength of concrete, and again improve the concrete strength, durability, high compressive, bending, seepage resistance, anti-corrosion, impact resistance, and wear resistance.

And the density of ultra-fine silica fume powder is much lower than the traditional silica fume powder, and consumes part of the viscosity, making the ultra-fine silica fume powder better delivery. The continuous upgrading of the smelter makes the traditional silica fume powder constantly change, and some of these traditional silica fume powders cannot melt water well, making its natural advantages and effects greatly reduced, and even in some areas can not be used. Ultra-fine silica fume powder also solves this problem, making better water melting. The sieve allowance of traditional silica fume powder is usually 3%-10%, while that of ultra-fine silica fume powder is 0. And ultra-fine silica fume powder increases the fluidity and ease of silica fume powder.

The ultra-fine silica fume powder produced by our company is finely processed by an ultra-fine vertical mill, and its particles are in the shape of round spheres, with a fineness of D50 reaching 2000-3000 mesh and D90 reaching 800-1000 mesh. It fully restores the original characteristics and advantages of silica fume powder, and this high-end silica fume powder provides guarantee and support for high-tech applications in various fields. And ultra-fine silica fume powder can also provide a silica content of 85-96 at the same time, its significant role.

1. Improve the strength of concrete again.
2. Enhancing the water-melting property of silica fume powder.
3. Reducing the density of silica fume powder.
4. Reducing viscosity and facilitating transportation.

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