Conventional Silica Fume Powder: A By-Product with Benefits

Silica fume powder, a by-product of ferroalloy production during the smelting of ferrosilicon and industrial silicon, has long been a crucial component in the construction industry. The conventional silica fume powder is generated when highly volatile SiO2 and Si gas are rapidly oxidized and precipitated in a mineral-heated electric furnace. This by-product undergoes a comprehensive recovery process through dust removal and environmental protection equipment.



Physical Role and Chemical Effect

The physical role of conventional silica fume powder is akin to particle filling, where its minute particles fill the gaps between cement particles, enhancing the compactness of cement paste. This results in reduced permeability of cement stone, improved strength, and enhanced bond strength between aggregate and cement stone. Furthermore, the chemical effect of silica fume, primarily composed of glassy silica, interacts with calcium hydroxide produced during cement hydration. This chemical reaction leads to the formation of calcium silicate gel, thereby improving concrete strength, permeability resistance, and durability.


Ultra-fine Silica Fume Powder: Elevating Standards

In the quest for continuous improvement, ultra-fine silica fume powder has emerged as a game-changer. Produced through the smelting of ferrosilicon and industrial silicon, this innovative product undergoes a meticulous process of recovery, manufacturing, and refinement to achieve unparalleled fineness.


Bridging the Gap

Ultra-fine silica fume powder addresses a common challenge faced by conventional silica fume powder companies – its light density leading to potential dust pollution. Traditionally, encryption treatment is applied, discounting the effectiveness of silica fume. Sichuan Ewende New Material’s ultra-fine silica fume powder, with fineness ranging from 325 mesh to 4000 mesh, offers a solution. Its controlled fineness ensures adaptability to customer specifications, providing a versatile and efficient solution for various applications.


Environmental Considerations

Unlike its coventional counterpart, ultra-fine silica fume powder considers environmental impact from the outset of production. This eco-friendly approach enhances the overall appeal of the product while retaining its efficacy. The ability to fill voids unattainable by traditional silica fume powder contributes to improved concrete strength, durability, and resistance to various stresses.


Improved Characteristics

Ultra-fine silica fume powder distinguishes itself from the traditional variant by offering lower density, better delivery capabilities, and enhanced water melting properties. The continuous upgrading of smelting processes often renders traditional silica fume powders less effective. However, ultra-fine silica fume powder addresses these challenges, ensuring better water melting and improved fluidity. With a sieve allowance of 0, it minimizes waste and maximizes the fluidity and ease of transportation.


Cutting-Edge Production

Produced through an advanced process utilizing ultra-fine vertical milling, our ultra-fine silica fume powder features particles shaped like round spheres. With fineness D50 ranging from 2000 to 3000 mesh and D90 reaching 800 to 1000 mesh, this high-end product restores the original characteristics and advantages of silica fume powder. The significant role of ultra-fine silica fume powder includes enhancing concrete strength, improving water-melting properties, reducing density, and facilitating transportation.


In conclusion, the shift towards ultra-fine silica fume powder marks a paradigm shift in the construction industry. With its advanced characteristics and improved environmental considerations, it not only meets but exceeds the expectations of high-tech applications across various fields. Experience the innovation – switch to ultra-fine silica fume powder for unparalleled concrete enhancement. Contact us for more information!

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